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Jhon is big loser

Jhon is a rude mean jealous person that is so negative. You can see on all the polls. Just click the comment button! Everyone please ignore that loser. Jhon get a life a dont come on my site if youre going to be like that! :@ NO ONE LIKES YOU!

Peppy VS Tiki

Which of the following moshlings do you like best?

Peppy: RARE


My Favorite One is Peppy



I have a youtube account. My channel is Fireboy1539. You can add me on youtube on this channel.

New Moshling Holga is out now! It is from the Techies Set! To get Holga in your Moshling zoo you complete Mission#5. To complete Mission#5 you might need help. Need Help?

Well click the link below to see 2009fire15′s tutorial on how to do mission 5:


Jobs on my site

Let me know if you want one cause you have to post good stuff and post daily also you will need to give me your Moshi name and email address plus your WordPress name

New Cool Backrounds!

Maybe a chat

New Polls

New Posts

Jobs on my site

Have any other Ideas? Let me know!


any sugestions

Moshi Membership

You can buy membership of the internet using a credit card or you can buy a time card from Walmart,Zellers Or Shoppers Drug Mart.

1 Moth membership-$5.99

6 Month Membership-$39.95

12 Month Membership $49.95

Type in the code:RWL5854306W0 then you will have a second hiphopbicus I am not sure if it works someone told me but you can try it cause you can have 2 blingos in your room


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